No Chemicals

Tornado ACS Cleaning System 

The Tornado ACS is a closed operation system.  Dust and tiny particles are contained within the system,  so the operator has no need to worry about wearing a mask or gloves !

Use Anywhere
& Anytime  

No Second Contamination 

Everyone Cleans Like Expert

6 Hours Non-stop Operation

( allow 30 mins cool down time every 6 hrs )

Coverage up to 5m2 / Hour   

( Fully Covered )

Advanced Filtering System

The special designed filter separates particles to the smallest of  0.1 Micron from the pollutants , making sure that no matter indoor or outdoor, Tornado ACS Cleaning System is save to use and does not cause second contaminations to the surrounding areas.   

Easy to Clean   

Filter Use up to 2K Hours

CE Approved 

Standard Filter

 Filter Efficiency of 0.1 Micron, 99.9%

Daily Normal Cleaning Applications
* Polyester 2.7 Decitex

High Performance Filter 

Filter Efficiency 0.1 Micron, H14: 99.995%

Fire Restoration or Hermetic Space Applications
* 100% Micron Polyester

Technical Specification

Voltage :220 / 50 Hz
Power Input :max. 3.500 W
Air Output :3 x 60 l/sec.
Power Cable Length :7 m
Net Weight :41 kg
Height incl. Trolley :1.300 mm
Length Overall :620 mm
Width Overall :610 mm
Length of Hose :4.5 m
Filling Quantity :10 Liter max.
Granule Through-put :20-80 l/h
Granules Consumption :0,2-0,4 l/h
Setup Time :ca. 5 min
Dismounting Time :ca. 5 min (incl. cleaning)
Noise Level :max. 75db


Tornado ACS utilizes small cleaning granulates at high speed to remove surface pollutants without using water or chemicals. 

No Chemicals

No Hazardous

100% ECO Products 


Suitable for : 
- Polished and matt Granite
- Glazed Ceramics Tiles
- Polished Marble
- Plastic Plaster 
- Metals   

Glass Jet

Suitable for : 
- Sand Stone
- Lime Stone
- Clay Bricks
- Natural Granite
- Artificial Stone  


Suitable for : 
- Natural Granite
- Hard Stone
- Concrete Slab
- Washed Concrete
- Concrete Bricks  

Granules Packaging Data

Packing8 Liters / Pail
CoverageApprox.  70M2 / 8 Liters / Pail
StorageKeep out of Moisture

Fittings & Acessories

Small Hood

Standard Hood (170x170mm)

Large Hood

Internal Corner

External Corner

Cross Corner

Round (Inside)

Round (Outside)

Extension Hose 4.5M

Elite Gear Box