Cleaning of Tiles

Tile cleaning at a thermal bath

The non-slip safety tiles in a swimming pool, are a particular challenge for cleaning. The rough or very uneven surface of safety tiles pollute very quickly. With the cleaning solution Tornado ACS , these contaminants can be removed environmentally friendly. The cleaning machine can be used while the pool is frequented by guests.

Tile cleaning of pool

For eco friendly tile cleaning of a pool also belongs the limescale removal from natural stone and tile. Years of limescale are difficult to remove. With systeco´s eco friendly cleaning machine limescale is removed residue-free without damaging the stone. Find out more about

Tile cleaning

Tile cleaning, especially non-slip tiles can be very difficult on some occasions. On rough surfaces pollutions adhere even better, which makes it much more complicated to remove them. With the cleaning technology Tornado ACS hard pollutions, as well as boiler scale, can be cleaned successfully.

Tile cleaning in Porsche car gallery

The floor tiles of a repair shop of the Porsche car gallery were supposed to be cleaned (remediate) after some tiles had been replaced. This was not possible with conventional cleaning supplies. Only the eco friendly cleaning technology Tornado ACS accomplished a residue-free cleanup