Removal of Efflorescence

Efflorescence removal

Efflorescence removal works particularly well on brick with the eco friendly cleaning equipment Tornado ACS. The efflorescence removal from the masonry is done by using granules and will not be pushed back into the brickwork as pressure washers would do.
The work can be done by anyone, which means special skills are not required. The closed circuit of the cleaning machine allows dust-free working without protective clothing of any kind and within public traffic.
Also lime deposits can be removed well with the minimally abrasive cleaning technology, even if the deposits are quite dense.

Limescale removal

Limescales, such as here on a water works, can be removed very easily and quickly with the innovative cleaning machine Tornado ACS. Even if the accumulations are 5 mm thick, it is no problem for the green cleaning equipment Tornado ACS to clean those.